There are so many theories and myths about the perfect slot. It is no secret that the best slot for players is the one that pays the most or that has the highest RTP. Return to Player or RTP is a term used to describe the percentage of invested or wagered money that returns to the players. The RTP is usually around 92% to 97%. Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to win ninety percent of the time, or indeed that you’re going to win anything at all. It’s of essential importance to understand that online slot machines are run by the RNG or Random Number Generator, and that there’s no way of either determining or influencing the outcome of the game.

Of course, if you play online, you can change the number of paylines or the size of the bet. However, this won’t affect the chances you have, but only your potential payout. Naturally, you would prefer to seek the slot machine with the highest RTP, and ideally, you’re going to select the highest coin size. Furthermore, the ones offering a progressive jackpot are rather popular, since the total reward can be unbelievably high.

Finally, we need to mention the volatility of the slots. Volatility is the risk, and there are slots with both high and low volatility. Ones with high volatility will pay more, but less often; while low volatility slot machines will pay less money but more often.

Crowded Places or Empty Casinos?

game-slots-Crowded casino

Now the time of the day can, in theory, have an influence on the outcome of the game. So if we take a look at the statistics, the number of jackpots is higher when there are more people in the casino playing slots. However, the truth is that the jackpot can occur at any time and randomly. There is nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning the big reward.

In reality, the more people play the game, the sooner the jackpot will happen. However, the chances for each player will remain the same. There are people who prefer empty casinos at noon, for example, just because they will be able to find their favorite game more easily, and they won’t have to worry about the slot machine being taken.

Of course, if we’re talking about online slot games, there are no limits to the number of players that can play the game. And in the end, the more you play, the higher your chances are of winning one of the progressive jackpots.

Finally, the time of the day will dictate the crowd in the casino; and for each of the players, the chance of winning will be the same.

When to Play Slots – The First Rule

The answer to this question might seem simple and obvious, but we need to mention that this is really the most important rule of all. You should play slot machines only when your budget allows it. Furthermore, the budget should be the main principle determining if and when should you play the game. And since we’ve already mentioned progressive jackpots, you do need to make sure that you qualify for them before starting the game.

budget for playing sots

The requirements can vary from casino to casino, and from game to game. Usually, there will be an additional bet, or else a minimum amount you need to bet if you want to qualify for the jackpot.

Naturally, you shouldn’t play any games that are over your budget. There’s one particular slot in Las Vegas that costs five thousand per spin! On the other hand, penny slots will pay a lot less, so you won’t have the chance to really win big (and they usually never offer you a progressive jackpot).

Play When Jackpot Is Big

Progressive jackpots can occur randomly at the end of each spin. The portion of each bet (or side bet) will increase the size of this jackpot. Furthermore, the more it remains unwon, the larger it gets. Naturally, when some lucky player manages to win the jackpot, the amount will reset to its lower limit and then start building up again.

Be sure to find a really big jackpot, or else wait until the amount reaches a certain value. But you also need to test your luck, especially if it’s been a while since your last jackpot. Naturally, many people would argue about the odds, and even about whether they are increased at all.

Feeling Lucky?

Since slots are games of chance, the only thing that matters, in the end, is luck. If you are feeling particularly lucky one day, you should play the slots. There won’t be any hidden clues or hints to help know when the jackpot is going to occur; and the only way to win real money is to bring your good fortune with you!

On the other hand, if you don’t feel lucky for some reason, you might want to avoid playing slots that day. Of course, there might also be some people who might suggest that you try and change the course of your luck. The answer to this, of course, is to do whatever you feel like doing.

Morning, Noon, or Evening

We already mentioned that slot machine games are run by RNG, and this is never going to change. Ultimately, the time of day or the number of people already playing the game is not going to have any impact on ultimate outcome of the game. You can play slots for hours and hours and win nothing, and someone can play once and win big. So, you might as well go whenever you feel like it. If you’re a fan of slots, then any time is good for playing the game.

Most of the casinos are open throughout the day, and there are even ones that are available 24/7. The perfect time for you is simply the  time when you’re going to feel the most comfortable. Just be aware that during peak hours, it might be hard to find the perfect game, since most of these will already be taken!

Superstition and Good Moods

It’s no secret that gamblers are the most superstitious people in the world. There are so many things they do to try and make Lady Luck smile on them. However, the truth is simple – the perfect time to play the game is whenever you feel like it!

One of the most common theories and superstitions is that gamblers won’t start playing on the machine if the seat is cold. This means that nobody has been playing the game, and therefore it’s bad. There are also people who believe that the machine knows when you’re comfortable, and that they’re less likely to win if they sit down.

You should remember the slots are fun, and that they should always be a joyful experience for you: whether you’re playing in Las Vegas or in an online casino. Finally, if you have the budget and you feel like trying your luck, then you can be sure it’s the best time to play slot machines, and that the timing couldn’t be better.