It isn’t a secret that gamblers are probably the most superstitious people. They will do anything to improve their odds and to try to win over Lady Luck. There are so many different superstitions that vary from country to country. While there are ones that are universal, others are not so common.

Lucky Charms

Lucky CharmsOne of the most popular superstitions is that there are some semi-magical items that may boost your luck and grant you Fortuna’s support. You’ve probably heard about the rabbit’s foot. It is not rare to see a gambler wearing one either as a part of their keychain or just holding it tight in their hand.

Of course, lucky charm can be almost any memento, like a piece of jewelry or a photo. Gamblers are known to associate a winning streak with the nearby object. If they were wearing something when they won, like a hat, they might start to believe that the hat was lucky.

Finally, the charm doesn’t have to be an item. It can also be a person. Your significant other can be your lucky charm and may bring you luck in the casino.


Girl Blowing on the DiceNow, we don’t talk about the obscure rituals or summonings but rather simple ones like crossing fingers or blowing on dice. Every movie that showed someone playing craps had someone blow on dice for good luck. Among the popular rituals, there is also knocking on wood in some parts of the world or kissing your companion.

In ancient China, it is believed that wearing red will bring you luck, so it is not uncommon to see someone wearing this specific color while gambling (especially red underwear).

Leaving the Table

This one is interesting. There are gamblers that believe that leaving the table will interfere with their luck, so they will try to avoid it as much as possible. On the other hand, others believe the opposite. They have a view that standing or moving around will improve their chances and might even change the odds.

The main problem is usually the need to visit the bathroom. You will have to leave at some point, or your luck will run out sooner than you think.

Lucky and Not-So-Lucky Numbers

Everyone knows about the number thirteen and how it’s considered to bring bad luck. However, there are gamblers out there that believe it to be their lucky number.

Of course, in ancient China, they believed that number seven would bring luck. There are so many slot machines revolving around this number, and you’ve probably heard about the term Lucky Seven.

On the other hand, in Japan, it is believed that the number four is unlucky. Since there is a similarity between the pronunciation of the number four and death, they believe that it can bring nothing but bad luck. Finally, many gamblers have their own lucky and unlucky numbers, and they tend to stick with them no matter what. Due to this superstition, gamblers will avoid staying in a hotel room with the number four in it (or the fourth floor), as well as in a room with the number thirteen.

Money Counting and Unwelcome Bills

Money Counting

One worldwide superstition is that you should never count your money at the table. The reason for this has roots in basic etiquette where it might seem that you are gloating and showing everyone that you managed to win. Not only is it considered rude, but it may also bring you some bad luck.

There are also many casinos and gamblers that believe that a fifty-dollar bill is unlucky. Not only are there players who will refuse to cash-in their winnings if there are these bills, but also some casinos will even refuse to use them.

Wrong and Right Entrance

One of the interesting superstitions involves the door you use to enter the casino. It is widely believed that the main entrance is a bad omen. If you use it to enter the casino, you won’t have much luck that night. This is the main reason why many players refuse to use the main entrance to the MGM Casino in Las Vegas. Not only is it bad luck to use the front door, but it is also shaped like a lion’s mouth, which only makes things worse. Eventually, the casino had to remodel the entrance.

No Sex Before Gambling

Guy sitting on Bed thinking

Another Chinese gambling superstition is to avoid having intercourse the night before gambling. Chinese men especially believe that it will bring bad luck. It is also a bad idea to gamble against a pregnant woman. In Chinese culture, it is believed that a woman bearing good fortune in her belly also has an extra pair of eyes to help her.

Hand Washing

One of the worldwide superstitions is that hand washing can change the course of luck. If you are doing bad, you should simply go to the bathroom and wash your hands. However, if you are winning, this is something you shouldn’t do, since it might change the course of your luck.

Luckily Forgotten Superstition

In the Wild West, there was a superstition that a player should never rest his foot on a chair. If they did this, one of the other players would challenge him to a gunfight. Luckily, this is one of the customs that has been forgotten, and the only thing you shouldn’t do today is cross your legs while playing. Of course, no one will challenge you to a gunfight, but you might cancel any luck you had.