Once upon a time, there lived this rich and eccentric King Winalot and his cranky and hard-to-satisfy Queen. The King and the Queen had two kids, and frankly, those apples didn’t fall too far from the tree. The Princess was pretty impulsive and quite selfish, she only cared about her looks as well as wealthy princes and handsome dukes. The Prince was lazy and spoiled and spent all of his allowance money on horse races and liquor.

They all lived in a typical 3×5 castle with lots of servants and loads of money hidden in the dungeons. Once in a while, they sent a servant to the villages to collect a tax that could go as low as 0.25 coins and as high as 25 coins per year! This way, they collected a whole fortune, big enough to build a separate castle using only the coins!

Since this family usually had a hard time finding things to entertain themselves with and, obviously, they barely spoke to each other, they decided to hire a Jester. His main goal was to brighten their days and make their family gatherings more bearable. The Jester was quite inventive, so he came up with a couple of games for each member of the family.

One of the games was called “The Wild King.” This game was tailored specially for the King, and the rules were quite simple: the King had to substitute for all other members of the family, mimicking their behavior, to trigger the Stacked Wild Feature. The King loved this game because this way he could let himself loose and go Wild and take over the whole castle!

Code Kingslot!

The game invented for the Prince was of no less fun! To win the game, he needed to invite at least two other princes over and throw the best party in the whole Kingdom! If he managed to do that only with two princes, he would have received seven Free Spins. Basically, the more princes showed up to the castle, the bigger the prizes got!

But there was one special game the Jester invented for the whole family! He actually played this game with them, and the ultimate goal of it was to find the Key and the Lock that would lead the players to the Treasure Chests full of gold! This quest was available for all the members of the family, and the more of them took part in it, the more entertaining the game got!



Yes, the Winalot royal family was the abomination for the residents of their Kingdom, but when it came to having fun, no other Kingdom neither on Earth nor on the Moon could match their chic and style. They could be hard-to-satisfy, greedy, and insatiable, but they also loved playing games and invited everyone to join them. And the best part was that the winner was always vastly rewarded! Like 245% Slots Match + 35 Free Spins on King Winalot on the deposit of $25+ with a *code: KINGSLOT!

*Bonus terms: the code is valid only once for new players only on the deposit of $25+, PT X40, no max cashout