My name is Olivia, and I decided to share my story about how I became an Account Manager at Eclipse. First of all, don’t mind the title of the article: it all took me a little bit more than 10 days, but I liked the pun with my favorite rom-com movie title. 

It all started when I decided to try myself as a Customer Support Representative and work at an online casino. I passed my interview with flying colors and soon enough I was already sitting at my desk, learning all the materials generously provided to me by my supervisor. At first, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of information I needed to learn in order to properly help clients because I was new to the world of online casinos. But what helped me there was the fact that I am passionate about talking to people and being able to help them solve their problems. I’m a fast learner, and soon my overwhelmed brain started to record all the information provided at a highly accelerated speed.

calculator-placed-over-stack-of-usa-dollarsI actually remember my first call very well. I was so nervous I forgot my name. It was the first time I took this kind of responsibility for the experience of a total stranger and, to my own surprise, this person was very nice and polite to me. Now that I think about it, I realize he could sense my anxiety, so he decided to go easy on me. 

After a couple of months of working and gaining new experience, I started to feel like I was ready for something more than just solving small problems and making little inconveniences more convenient for our clients. I wanted to plunge into the world of dedicated players, who actually invest a lot into their playing time and take it all very seriously. 

So, after thorough consideration, I announced to my supervisor that I was ready to become an Account Manager and help our clients get a better playing experience. So, basically, all I needed to do was to apply for the position and pass a test. By that time, I was no longer nervous and I knew very well what I was doing, so passing the test was a piece of cake for me.  In a few days, the results came back, and I got the position!

I was very excited to start this new chapter, so I employed all my enthusiasm and creativity to become the best Account Manager ever. The actual surprise and delight came later when I was assigned a couple of my first special clients, and one of them was that first person I spoke to being a Customer Support Representative! I found out that after talking to me, he created an account and started playing on a regular basis at Eclipse!

Well, long story short, I do really enjoy my job and I feel like this is a place I belong to. I start each working day knowing that even if there’s any problem or a grumpy unsatisfied customer, I possess enough knowledge to solve it all and I have gained enough experience to be confident about what I’m doing.


And as a special bonus, I have a delightful surprise for those few people who actually took their time to read my story. If you’re reading this, you’re a lucky owner of a free bonus –  a $25 Free Chip (*code: OLIVIA)! You even don’t have to make a deposit on it if you are a new customer! If not, then get a 285% Slots Match and a $15 Free Chip after you make a deposit of at least $90+! The *bonus is: BESTMANAGER. And if you don’t know how to claim it or have any other questions, contact me or any of my colleagues via toll-free phone line at + 702 673 05 36 (US) or dial +33 4 1368 2294 to reach out to our French-speaking colleagues. You can also contact us via Live Chat, or write to us at [email protected]. Good luck and believe in your dreams!

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