According to the old Indian legend, once there lived a wise and powerful Indian shaman who was very respected not only by the people in his tribe, but also by the people of all the other tribes. So if you know Indians, you probably know that this is not so common, since tribes always liked to compete one against another. However, that shaman was actually so cool that no one dared to ask him what authority he had, after one amazing night when he helped to free his land from the domain of those annoying pale people who used to call themselves cowboys. But actually, those pale people weren’t so annoying when they weren’t shooting guns, drinking liquor, and shouting loudly at night. And so the wise shaman recognized many great things about their culture. For instance, they were keen gamers, and each of them knew how to play at least 100 different card games. And let’s face it – the passion for good gaming is common to all human beings, regardless of their tribe!


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However, one fateful night the young pale man named Bill made a very imprudent mistake when he came to the Indian party and later ran away with the beloved daughter of the Indian chief. For the next several weeks, the finest Indian scouts were chasing the runaway lovers, but there was no trace of them. The chief was so broken-hearted that he asked the mightiest of all the shamans to cast a curse on the pale people, to make them disappear, so they would not remind him of his daughter ever again. The shaman was reluctant to cast such a curse, but he was a very disciplined shaman and so he couldn’t disobey the chief. So he traveled to the holy mountain and performed a mysterious ritual that lasted for 3 days and 3 nights.

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When the shaman was done, all the pale people disappeared at once, and so all that remained of the place they used to live was a ghost city, full of phantoms and specters. The legend tells that all the cowboys and their women were sent straight to the dark side of the Moon, and their descendants are still living there up to this very day!

For earthmen, it’s still hard to claim whether this story is true or false, because no one of them has witnessed the descendants of the pale people, who are now living on the dark side of the Moon. However, we know that the chief’s daughter and the young pale man named Bill got married on the Moon and opened a little candy store. Their new lunar shop was famous all across the Moon because the chief’s daughter was much better at confectionery than anyone else on the dark side. So anyway, this story has a happy ending, because love turned out to be stronger than anything else in this world!

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