This story happened many years ago, when the Earth was inhabited by exotic creatures and the Moon was still an undiscovered land, full of mysteries. Back then, Cleopatra was just a young girl, whose ambitions went far beyond conquering every single country on the planet. She wanted to be the ruler of the entire Milky Way and all the nearest galaxies. Well, that seems to be quite an impressive venture for such a young lady, right? Although don’t forget of course that Cleo was far from ordinary. She was always looking for a good opportunity; and when it finally came to her, she grasped it without a second’s hesitation.





So, when she finally got her hands on a random manuscript telling her about the amazing treasures of 290% Slots Match + 30 Free Spins on Diamond Dragon (code*: DIAMOND) and 280% Slots Match + 50 Free Spins on Cleopatra’s Coins (code: CLEOPATRA), she firmly decided to obtain them, no matter what! And the vicious Dragon guarding the diamonds wasn’t going to get in her way. She would become the Mother of Dragons, the Queen of Aliens, the Mistress of Caesar, if required. Oops, the last card is one she’d already played. Anyway, you got the point!

Once her army finally learned how to deal with a sword in zero gravity conditions and space ships were ready for an interstellar trip, she put on her best outfit and went straight away to the Dragon’s cave. And you can only imagine how surprised the Lunar Dragon was when he saw them! The foolishness of this situation, not to mention her sheer impudence, made him laugh so hard, that he couldn’t even puff out a single spark. This lucky development gave Cleopatra a chance to out-talk the Dragon and captivate him with her charms. Eventually, the almighty and scary Dragon gave in and turned into a real sweetheart! He kindly offered her the key to his treasury, where some vast riches from every corner of the galaxy were securely locked.

Besides all this, the Dragon became the dearest friend of Cleopatra and always asked for her advice on the matter of the Moon management. With the arrival of Cleopatra, the lunar people finally saw some positive changes in the country. They worshiped her and even reorganized the landscape of the Moon in the shape of her face, so that she could put up her eyes and take a glance at herself from the Earth. These lunar people are funny creatures!

Now you know how Cleopatra trained the Lunar Dragon and made him the sweetest little thing in the whole universe. Together, they conquered the Milky Way and brought vast riches and prosperity to all those far-off lands. Many legends and songs have been made up of their wonderful adventures. This one tells only the beginning of their journey. Actually, they remain good friends to this day. Why don’t you jump on a spaceship and say hello to them? Perhaps they’re going to reward your courage with some slots matches and free spins. Just have a think about it.

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