Once upon a time, on the other side of the Moon there lived a lovely ginger cat named Gingerbread. He was a nice little chap in one of his nine lives! But in the other eight, he was a daredevil, who jumped out the roof with no parachute, in order to prove the theory that cats always land on their feet. Ooops… well not always, apparently! He thought that climbing trees is for babies, and real heroes climb mountains. Well, if you’ve ever seen the ‘Everest’ movie, you know the end of the story. So this idea that cats are afraid of water is a total myth! Because our Gingerbread also wore long hair, Hawaiian shirt, and loved to surf, on a neverending quest hunting for some really big waves. And even though we know the cats are not afraid of the water, and all those cries during bath time are just a part of a sophisticatedly planned show, they do need to stay aside from anything deeper than a tub. We’ll definitely get into all the details of each adventure a little bit later; but for now, let’s find out what happens when those nine lives are spent to the very last second!





All cats go to lunar cat heaven. At the gates, they meet the CEO of heaven Mr. Jellybean and his assistant Mr. Fluffy. Their main mission is to welcome a newcomer to the place and to give an awesome goody bag: this includes a personal cloud to sleep on, a videotape with the best moments of their lives, a scratch ramp, and many other things we have no idea about! However, the most important one is a casino bonus, which consists of two parts: namely 309% Slots Match + 13 Free Spins on Catsino on the deposit of $57+ = MOONCAT* and 157% Slots Match + 27 Free Spins on Almighty Dollar on the deposit of $38 = HEAVEN*.

Who knew that cats were such big gamblers! Or indeed, how quickly they operate the cards! Better than any dealer! So, there’s a special lunar casino in heaven to satisfy the needs in the entertainment of every cat. They get the most luxurious treatment there and all their bets are jackpots; however, not in the form of money (who needs those papers in heaven?!) but tasty food, gentle belly rubs, and nice items of clothing. On top of that, they have a chance to win the biggest prize in the casino, the tenth life! That’s why they spend so much time there. They want to get back to the Moon and live that life to the fullest!

However, Gingerbread didn’t get to learn about the main prize immediately. Other cats try to hide this information as long as possible from newbies. Well, cats are sly now after all, even in heaven. So our red-striped hero has had quite enough time to enjoy some splendid lunar milk and various exquisite kinds of fish as well as the softest pillowy clouds before he set his eyes on the casino jackpot. Gingerbread is a smart boy: therefore, he tries different gambling strategies and keeps moving towards his dream. Despite this fact, none of them have worked out well enough to assist him in his courageous quest for a tenth life; even then, he still doesn’t give up! Actually, he’s still sitting in the casino. If you wish, you can come by and take a peep at him!

*Note: The codes are valid only for depositors, available in the Cashier.