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The Moon is such a distant and unattainable celestial object that we mere mortals, rarely give it enough consideration. Meanwhile, scientists have been trying to crack open its secrets for years. Finally, we at Eclipse are ready to reveal the truth for you. There is life on the Moon! Every time the Earth partially plunges into darkness as the Sun hides behind the Moon, you can notice the distant but intense beaming of a bright flare coming from those two astronomical bodies as they merge. As our research suggests, this beaming is coming from dazzling promotions and bonuses that are only triggered by grand-scale ecliptic phenomenon. This is how our casino was born, proudly carrying its name – Eclipse.

Nothing in this universe can match our cosmic technologies which enable us to provide you with speed-of-light 24/7 support, while our enthusiastic team are always ready to answer any questions you may have about your casino experience. Our motto is "work so hard that people think aliens did it." That’s why we provide out-of-this-planet services that are tailored for even the most demanding clients out there.

People usually tend not to trust aliens, but having been an Earth’s natural satellite for such a long time, we are used to giving the best care for our Big Neighbor. We carry the burden of protecting earthlings from meteor showers, and we treat them with bonus showers instead.

We are not asking you to become an alien yourself, however, we do invite you to join our big and diverse family, where every customer is sure to feel far less alienated than ever before.

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